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Abdominal surgery: abdominal apron, abdominal ptosis, belly, breast lift, diastasis, hernia

Dr. Bodin practice that response with much interest
In fact, thanks to new principles the results of abdominoplasty have evolved, experience plays a major role!
This is a common process that requires reflection

Consultation is essential because it will recognize what is due to overweight without sagging skin skin distension due to a significant weight gain due to pregnancy, muscle distention often due to pregnancy or the consequences of another intervention
Attitudes are very different from the outset excess fat: release the same day liposuction
muscle repair: counting 2 jours
mild skin excess: excess pubic skin incision and exit the next day
abdominal apron: stay 3 to 4 days

Operation reputation had once seen an average small complications
Note much recent improvement with few problems and better results
It remains a serious operation must prevent phlebitis
Other small problems (effusions scar problems) became scarce

It is possible only if the prior agreement made ​​by the surgeon and the physician subject of social security is accepted, it is the case of abdominal apron that covers the pubic
A hernia or large diastasis (net release of abdominal) may be accepted after abdominal ultrasound
The rest is cosmetic surgery

We’ll talk about the most common large abdominoplasty
The anesthesiologist has been as always consult a few days before
The operation lasts from 1:30 to 2 am It consists of incising along a cache line by a slip
about 15 to 20cm off the skin and ‘after having sucked in depth over the entire height of the stomach
Then pulling the skin down there remove part navel in place through a small lapel is reset, muscles sometimes closes gently and suture the skin more planes
It sets up a compression bandage and the patient remains at least 2à3 clinical days

They have become much simpler but justify an early rise and anticoagulant therapy in order to prevent phlebitis
Output is thus 2 days
It’s a feeling of high tension more than pain
The patient are reviewed two times per week
The former concerns the type of small effusions, edema fluid to puncture has almost disappeared
It remains difficult to work three weeks before

They are now rare (small skin suffering serous fluids, small hematomas)
The key is to avoid phlebitis walking early and taking anticoagulants
The drape of the belly is much more satisfying with new techniques
The scar is still long though low but can be very quiet at times

In conclusion it is a serious operation but ideal for bellies distorted by pregnancy or taking unwanted weight with weight loss secondary

Only qualified plastic surgeons like Dr. Bodin can offer a range of very different techniques

The abdominal surgery is a cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the abdomen strain
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