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Breast Augmentation: Implants

The surgical procedure for the establishment of breast implants has been practiced for over 40 years with safety and significant earnings growth.
Whether they are underdeveloped breasts or who lost volume after pregnancy, breast augmentation with implants restores harmony and femininity silhouette.
The mammary prosthesis consists of a flexible casing, watertight and elastic silicone rubber in a smooth or textured.
The new generations of implants are filled with silicone gel and have a wide variety of so-called “anatomical” forms allowing personal fitting to each patient
Every woman is different !!!!
The breast augmentation surgery, delicate operation requires precision and skill in its realization. It is necessary and essential to use a qualified and competent team with an anesthetist and a plastic surgeon trained in this type of intervention qualified. This surgery without complication produces excellent cosmetic results when the volume increase is reasonable and appropriate to the patient’s body harmony.
Training, expertise and competence of Dr. Bodin BERNARD allow him to listen to you and make sure that taking very personalized care: the first consultation with Dr Bernard Bodin includes a thorough interview to determine your true motivations to define which operation is possible in your particular case.

An essential ingredient for the development of breast implants: adapt and all this is done at two consultations together and decide:

the type of prosthesis usually silicone to avoid wrinkles
Form round or anatomical prosthesis Age, ptosis, thinness
Positionpré the retro-muscular or well
Volume elected under test and pictures
the areolar incision, periareolar or axillary

The operation is performed under general anesthesia almost always lasts 1het1h30
The hospitalization lasts 24
Going home with a bra without underwire

Little pain but one easily calm painful tension in case of retro pectoral position
Surveillance warrants two visits per week to 15 days in most cases
You return to work in eight days usually
No sport before 3 weeks
The result is judged to about 3 months, the quality of the scar to one year

Complications are rare and the risk of hulls have decreased a lot with the new techniques
Hematomas are rare
The rupture of the prosthesis as well (except of prosthetic PIP)
Sometimes a small asymmetry (scoliosis)
It can be estimated not to have to change before the fifteen years
All other issues will be discussed during the consultation

Breast implants are not the only solution

Two other techniques are possible:

> The injection of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane)

Interesting for small increases must be repeated.
Every year you have to start.
So it is very expensive in total.
For those that the idea of ​​prosthesis unbearable.

> The injection of its own fat or breast lipofilling

Is becoming increasingly important.
Must often be done several times but small increases.
Therefore quite expensive.
Interesting in addition to a prosthesis in lean patients.

A qualified plastic surgeon can advise you better choose a technique and ensure the suites.

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