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It is a matter of particular cases and the patient’s desire
Obviously heavy breasts and hypertrophy outside the unsightly appearance can sometimes create pain and impact on the spine
We can reduce breast and back without particular risks
It is a simple and very rewarding surgery for large hypertrophy

Frequent since 300 gr is the minimum required to justify breast care
Or a change of D to a small C example

The consultation allows you to specify a size relative to the general morphology
From the outset the scars exist, even discrete and increasingly short
They can be:

areal perished if very small ptosis
vertical hypertrophy so small (less than 500grs) or small ptosis (falling in)
J or T in the most important cases

These scars evolve over 18 months with a peak of redness in three months
A mammogram is to practice before the intervention from a certain age
The anesthesiologist will consult at least 48 hours before

It is to ablate a portion of the mammary gland and reshape
Through a shortest possible scar
The operation lasts 2 to 3 hours in average
The output takes place a day or two
We set up a sports bra that will be worn for several weeks day and night
Glandular tissue removed will be analysis

You will be taken two times a week for 15 days
The son is absorbable but often we remove a few to 15 days
Breast shape will be final 3 months
The scars will evolve over more than one year with a maximum of redness 3months
Then they will be final and blanch for 18 months and often discrete

They are rare and depend on the size of the operation
Skin bruising and pain are seen in very large hypertrophy
Most often it is only small asymmetries, imperfect view of scars
Monitoring scarring is narrow but certain genetic tendencies exist that can make imperfect scar
In the suites the breast is monitored without problems as a non-operated breast
Breastfeeding is as often as possible
The sensitivity of breast hypertrophy rule preserved except large
You should know suffering of the areola in gigantomasties and certain land (obese, diabetic)

Altogether it’s a very rewarding process if heavy breasts, troublesome for everyday life (sport)
Or if significant ptosis
Not to be confused with breast implants that project the chest with a small scar but do not go back.

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