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Decrease in nasolabial folds, the jowls, dark circles, crow’s feet.

Projection of the cheekbones, upper and lower lip.

These are products which fluids may be injected either to reshape portions of the face or to obtain filling wrinkles, grooves and other depressions in the surface.
grooves / nasolabial, marionette lines, lip and chin groove
frown lines, crows feet, cheeks, chin, wrinkles around the mouth sun
lips redraw the hem or thicken
depression or lack of volume

Products currently used are:
– Collagen (less often)
– Restylane perlane for on and almost painless
– Some other as appropriate

No anesthesia or local anesthesia but sometimes Emla (1 hour before).
Time 10 minutes to 1 hour.
After: stay calm the first 6 hours.
Sometimes small swelling or redness small (1 to 3 days).

Results: bitter within a few days.
Very rare side effects: Allergies, redness, granulomas with exceptional products used.

Perfect in the idea of deferring a larger gesture (like lifting essentially) in this case the injection in front and behind the jowl allows to reduce significantly.
Or if a specific area is to be treated (dark circles or nasolabial folds).
An injection of more types and more efficient is the cheekbones that highlights the face in the upper lifting slightly in the lower part.

Injection of products has improved considerably, but be aware there when Disclaimer excess skin is too large; it is ridiculous to fill a bag with products that give an appearance of exotic fish in a patient justifies abstention or a facelift
Finally it should be noted the interest of the fat injection with or without facelift that will limit the succession of painful injections and end costly
The methods must still be discussed and a qualified surgeon and regularly practicing facelifts and cosmetic medicine will advise you best

Lipofilling?  botox? facelift? or sometimes nothing at all!

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