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Eyelid surgery: fat pockets, blepharoplasty

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is exciting:
The goal is to brighten the eyes
Indeed with Age occurs sagging skin and accent pockets, this translates into gray areas that tarnish the luster of the eye
blepharoplasty gives lasting eyelid correction

It takes some time to discuss with the patient
Indeed we must decide what we do
4 processes compete then: and complement
The malar lift, botulinum toxin injections and eyelid surgery

At the outset of any excess skin justifies a significant gesture on the upper eyelids.
In contrast the pockets of the lower eyelids were too operated in the past with sometimes negative volumes are lost and sad eyes
Be aware recreate a volume injections, release tensions with botulinum toxin
Do not remove too much fat

If we decide the operation of any type of eye is it?
Oriental eye, a hollow eye, round eye, an eye Cocker
a comprehensive eye examination will fit every morphology in doubt consult with an ophthalmologist be asked

Zero except visual field

It is simple and painless
The scar is in the crease to the upper eyelid almost invisible
Two millimeters below the lashes to the lower eyelid as well
Or inside the orbit transconjunctival is quite invisible
Operation with small outpatient general anesthesia or under local best

Very simple little irritation, tearing, bruising.
Removal of the son 3èou 4th day normal appearance to 5èjour with makeup.
Final appearance in two months.

Upper eyelid rare small cysts.
Lower eyelid ectropion small passenger, chemosis (conjunctiva distorted temporarily).

Altogether very simple but new, more subtle approaches with combinations gestures with gestures mé best performed by a qualified plastic surgeon
Dr. Bodin to see Paris or Bry / Marne.

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