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Cosmetic Surgery: Facelift, neck lift, soft lift, rhitydectomie

It is a general term that covers several things:
brow lift which pulls eyebrows dermal or endoscopic
malar lift that rejuvenates the cheek incision under the eyelashes
cervico facial facelift and neck tightens the middle and lower part of the face and that is the most requested

It should be understood that:
The facelift treats folds or large wrinkles, no fine lines.
It does not make and does not change the fact that it does look backwards.
One can hope seem younger (10 YEARS) and that relatives are simply superb mine after 15 days.
Current facelifts do not create undue tension as you pull the subcutaneous tissues.
The terms of soft facelift or mini lifts are catchy words that mean nothing.
The scars are more or less extended, as appropriate, to his head, neck, according to each particular case (long discussion with the patient still required).
The scars are hidden in the hair in the contour of the ear front and behind.

At least two consultations are needed.
Indeed should you decide a facelift?
Yes if there is sagging at the cheek or neck.
Because the face is empty in some places and the young person is filling products will be more justified.
What lift is it?
The neck is a head and neck.
Jowl is a head and neck.
The hollow under the eyelid or malar filling?
The eyebrow that is one frontal, endoscopic,, or botulinum toxin.

A second consultation is very helpful and comparison with photographs of patients operated essential.
Finally it must involve eyelids?

The anesthesiologist was consulted, tobacco was stopped as much as possible.
The procedure takes around 3 pm
It is to incise the skin around and behind the ear and gently peel the skin,
Then the fascia (smas,) suturing the smas above and then cut the excess skin and suturing
We realized a harmonious overall rejuvenation and replaced fatty components that had migrated down creating the jowl and the fall of the cheekbone
We can add lipofilling and eyelid surgery which have been previously discussed with the patient

Output is the next day with a band for two days

The tape is removed on the fourth day some son kidnapped
The skin is hydrated few steristrips we keep around the ears
Everything is better but the bruises are still present especially in the neck
Returning to the seventh day and all son are removed, others leave it alone
At this time there is usually crusts in the hair and a slight bruise on the neck
We can go to work but facelifts can still guess
It may be safe to 15 days in most cases that the intervention will not be marked
Gene, slight oppression are the most-used words during these days

This procedure is not very painful it is more of a hindrance
Edema can last for days
Hematomas are rare but must be disposed
Loss of sensitivity can last for weeks
Asymmetries of mimicry are rare and transient
The risk of suffering skin are very rare except in smokers

The suites provide:
to scare the first week
for relatives to the second week
dining in town the third with a normal makeup
In total it is very durable package by the profit but we must organize socially
To the front you have to go

A botulinum toxin for a slight rise of the eyebrow and a relaxation of the area between the eyebrows.
Endoscopic facelift is a wonderful intervention to a higher and more sustainable see the classic forehead lift ascent.

You should know that lipofilling or injection of his own fat is often associated with facelift
With the aim of projecting cheekbones or close some areas like dark circles or naso-labial folds for

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