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Liposuction or Liposuction

It is the operation most practiced in the Western world
> Riding breeches
> Belly
> Hips
> Inner side of the thighs
> Knees, legs, inner arms

Liposuction in Paris is very common.

This is the gentle suction of fat masses often appeared at puberty and are resistant to diet and exercise sports.
There is no recurrence of these fat masses
we must understand that for a deposit of fat on your stomach with a sagging tummy tuck will be discussed and sometimes preferred

Increasingly sophisticated; it exposed deficiencies in the past, she has seen great progress.
It began in the year 77/78.
Since changes have refined the technique, with finer cannulae and liposuction has in many ways the results are very seductive.

You have to understand that the skin is less elastic with time:
We can all suck excess fat in a young woman because the skin will retract.
This is less true of a mature woman and you have to be modest.
It is dangerous to an elderly woman to the appearance of the skin, except in special cases.
It is prudent to practice in obese.

The consultation will be defined according to the age and location the result can be expected.
The ideal case is the young subject to localized fat deposition occurs from puberty.
But menopause and its workload around the belly and hips is very affordable.
An anesthesia consultation will be made ​​a few days before.
Anesthesia is usually sometimes a local general enough for a double chin or knees for example.

It consists of introducing small incisions by 2 to 3 mm foam aspiring cannulas fat soft in different planes to obtain a smooth result.
The operation lasts depending 3Om cases 2 hours.
The output will be the same day in most cases except in special cases.
The patient goes home with her ​​tights for varicose veins or sheath.
Anticoagulant therapy is sometimes decided depending on the terrain and the importance of aspiration.

They are simple analgesics will prescribe the first day but the pain will soon succeed very bearable soreness.
I see my patients for two days consolidate, 15 days to remove the son who often go alone.
They will be reviewed in three months for post operative picture.
This is an essential point to be repeated.
The result will not be final until 3 months.
For 15 days there will be bruising and swelling will begin to disappear, leading to a gradual thinning of 3 months.
Sport can be resumed after 15-20 days.
Average recovery of professional activities to 48 hours.
Sunscreen last time bruising and very discrete scars will be protected for several months with sunblock.

I have never seen significant complications but they are described (infections, hematomas, phlebitis)
They are prevented by normal precautions of any aesthetic plastic surgery hence the importance of being operated by a qualified surgeon and possibly treated with anticoagulants
As for imperfections, excess fat removed can be replaced by a lipofilling under local and is very rare and insufficient fat removed which occurs more often especially on sagging skin is easy to aspirate three months after local sub
The final result requires at least 2 months for trial
Bruising last less than 15 days.

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