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Cosmetic surgery of the nose rhinoplasty, deviated nose, hump nose, broken nose …

It is a very rewarding surgery because the scars are usually invisible, it has evolved during my training in rhinoplasty in Brazil, New York, or Paris.

It changes the perception of the whole face and it must be carefully studied to determine an associated gesture chin or lips for example;

Several consultations are necessary in order indeed be specific about the gene and consider the forehead and chin that can justify a move to facial harmony;
Photographs will be practiced and prepared a draft for a second consultation;

It is through internal scars therefore invisible to take off the skin of the nose and mucous
To sculpt the bone and nasal cartilage;
This takes about an hour;
It may be associated with an action on the nasal septum when deflection;
It will be done in the clinic more often you stay overnight, sometimes a day;
You go out the next day with a cast and the wick will be removed at that time;

A cast or splint is placed for a week. The plaster is somewhat embarrassing.
The operation is painless, unlike his reputation.
A return to work can be done at 8 days.

The result of profile can be assessed globally at that time
Front: there is still broad and slightly bluish.
The tip is generally high for a few weeks.
Photos will be made ​​after one year.

The scars are internal therefore invisible except reduction associated nostrils.

In some cases especially if it is taken very malformed nose or one can decide a rhinoplasty called ‘open’ which involves an incision in the base of the columella (central pillar of the nose) it is very discrete anyway.

Some difficulty breathing in the early days
Sensitivity of different nose for a few months
The nose may be refined if the skin is thick

Of residual deviations if the nose is deviated preoperatively
Irregularities that may warrant a rare 5% recovery
It is a simple operation without scarring called “magic.”
You have to be patient for the final result.
A qualified plastic surgeon will let you define a project and assist you with confidence throughout the process.

Dr Bernard Bodin specialist in plastic surgery of the nose Paris / Bry sur Marne.

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