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I answer common questions:

Before after photos give only a rough idea of the result you expect.
Because, of course, each case is specific.
On the other hand software allows any digital retouching.

Computer simulation is very fashionable but experience has shown us that she had a lot of risk because if a person is reluctant to do the surgery, it will perhaps be decided by virtual cliches when it is not ready, it will run the risk of being unsatisfied.
As if working on cliche can be interesting to define a patient wishes to change his nose, computer simulation seems to us dangerous as attractive and risky on some land we avoid it.

New questionable techniques
– The son of gold
– Scalloped son
Are not practiced as dangerous or suspicious.

Superficial skin are more technical domain dermatologist.
However dermabrasion or laser may be associated with surgery.
The fraxel thermage peeling the indications have their limitations and their consequences.
And are not a panacea

Surgery of the scalp is only practical in very good directions.
And consists essentially of micro-grafts.
To learn more about the surgery for baldness, click here

The calf prostheses
They are lighter in suites and often more satisfying.

Other prostheses (chest for example) are not practiced.
Genital surgery
Dr. Bodin does not practice penile augmentation surgery.
But for male patients it practice gynecomastia.
And for some patients gynecological cosmetic repairs.